“Unit Tracking”

Part of our accountability to you, our customer, is to know where your unit is at all times.  Our IT Department created a unique database system to do just that.  As each unit comes in, it receives its own barcode, which is scanned at each stage of the repair process: at Receiving, Cleaning, the Tech Bench, QA, Packing and Shipping. Management, Customer Service and Sales can instantly locate any unit at any time.

“One benefit of this system is that it lets us know how long each unit stays in each area and average wait time,” says IT Director Richard Brake.  Units have a “running clock” of days in house to assure timely progress and to facilitate communication regarding any repair issues.  In short, we watch over your units like they were our own.

We take our craftsmanship seriously

Many of our Customers tell us that they appreciate and take better care of their digital equipment when it’s clean – so a complimentary cleaning is one of the services that Digital Repair provides.  The cleaning department has a very comprehensive cleaning process. They begin by scrubbing your equipment, carefully removing paint, glue, dirt, & rubber cement and many other types of dirt and grim. Depending on the type of equipment and the condition we will use between three to five different cleaners.  “We use rags and soft brushes so that we don’t scratch the finish,” says Supervisor Neri Hernandez, who makes sure each piece of equipment is cleaned to our high expectations.  You’ll be happy at how your unit looks when it comes back.

A Technology Ally

Superior quality work and fast turnaround are important, but intangibles matter, too. It takes time to build trust, but our customers quickly gain confidence in our work and our promises, and know that our broad knowledge base allows us to reliably answer any questions or address any concerns they may have.

Certified Woman-Owned Business

Digital Repair, LLC is a woman-owned company with over 35 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. We are certified by NWBOC and WBENC. Digital serves many of the largest companies in telecommunications, municipalities, and power, as well as many independents across the country.


Digital Repair, LLC repairs over 6500 different electronic products and is well equipped to tackle any piece of equipment – from the industry standard workhorses to the most specialized equipment – ANY BRAND. Contact Us if you need more information or pricing on equipment.