Our Process

Our ScanTrak Process

We use a state-of-the-art ScanTrak system to process every repair order that  comes through our facility.
See below to follow equipment for repair through our system:

Digital Equipment Repair - Receiving

1. Receiving

Work Order is Created

Scan 1: The equipment is scanned into our system at the first workstation and a work order is created.

Digital Equipment Repair Cleaning

2. Cleaning

Equipment Preparation

Scan 2: The equipment is checked and cleaned.

Digital Equipment Repair

3. Repair

Equipment Repair

Scan 3: The equipment is checked in and repaired by a technician.

Digital Equipment Repair Quality Assurance

4. Quality Assurance

Equipment is Tested Thoroughly

Scan 4: The equipment is tested thoroughly and granted a “Pass” or “Fail” rating which double-ensures that repair was successful.

Digital Equipment Repair Packing

5. Packing

Repaired Equipment is Carefully Packed for Shipping

Scan 5: The equipment is wrapped, boxed, & labeled.

Digital Equipment Repair Shipping

6. Shipping

Tracking Number Assigned

Scan 6: UPS / FedEx Assign Tracking Number. Tracking Number sent to customer and equipment Ready for Pickup.

7. Pickup

Carrier picks up the repaired equipment and it’s on its way back to the customer.

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