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repair-digital-equipment-NC-circuit-boardWe repair electronic products of over 6500 different kinds. We specialize in repairing equipment from any brand including the industry standard workhorses and even the most specialized electronic equipment. Contact us or call us at 252-977-7700 for more information or pricing on equipment or repair.

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Digital Repair provides one-on-one customer service support, and guarantees satisfaction on every order. We are committed to driving down costs and turnaround time while offering the ultimate in service.

All repaired products are bar coded to provide tracking information and customized reporting. This also allows us to document the history of every piece of equipment we handle, and keeps you informed on the status of your repair. All products are carefully packaged for return shipment.

Our pricing includes 14-day turnaround and a one-year warranty, and still matches or undercuts the charges from other repair services and manufacturers.