Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our repair process? See below or contact us.

1. Do you clean equipment when it comes in for repair?

a. Yes, each piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned before it is repaired.


2. Are units tested before they are returned to the customer?

a. Yes, every unit repaired goes through our Quality Assurance Department.


3. Is Digital Repair a minority owned company?

a. Yes, we are a certified Woman-Owned company.


4. What is your average turnaround time?

a. Our guaranteed turnaround time is 14 days, but we strive to get units out before our 14 day deadline.


5. Are you able to provide up to date status on a unit in house?

a. Yes, by using our ScanTrak system, we know where each given unit is located at all times.


6. Do you have equipment for sale?

a. Yes, we have various equipment available for resell.  Please contact us with any inquires. 


7. Do you accept credit cards?

a. Yes, we accept all major credit cards for sales and repairs.


8. Are you able to expedite a repair request?

a. Yes, we can expedite a repair for a $50 expedite fee.  With this, your repair will be repaired by the next available tech and sent to the front of our QA line.


9. Do you offer accessories for my test equipment?

a. Yes, we manufacture majority of our accessories, so we are able to provide them to you at a lower cost. 

Specific questions about us? We’re all ears.

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