Digital Equipment Repair

Protect your bottom line with guaranteed repairs on all brands of telecom, fiber, locating equipment, and central office equipment.

Telecom, fiber, and central office equipment manufacturers want to sell more units, not repair existing ones. Digital Repair extends the life of your investment. We repair your gear and guarantee our work for one year—even when OEM parts are no longer available. How? We manufacture the part you need to spec. Problem solved.

See Our Repair Process

digital and telecommunications equipment repair
digital and telecommunications equipment repair

Day Turnaround

Get your gear back to Time is money.

Track Repairs in Real Time

With our ScanTrak process, every item is trackable at every stage.

One-on-One Support

Customer service is never outsourced and never wasteful of your time.

1 Year Guarantee on all Telecom Equipment Repair

We can repair over 6500 different telecom, fiber, central office, and locating equipment units of any brand.

Drive down costs with fair pricing, fast turnaround, and quality workmanship. The Digital Repair process is tailored to maximize efficiency without sacrificing the quality of our work, support, or your access to information that helps you plan accordingly. This is the foundation of our philosophy for digital excellence.

We work with all the major brands as well as the less common ones. This creates the opportunity for you to greatly extend the life of your investment by adding years of use to your equipment. While your gear is in our care, we also give it a thorough cleaning before returning it to you. This is how we build our relationships: cost-effective solutions backed up with personalized quality assurance and service that we stand behind.

Customer Dashboard

Log in to your portal to submit new repair orders or track the status of entire orders or individual items. Your dashboard makes it easy to organize multiple orders and faster to create new ones with your saved information.

ScanTrak Process

Digital Repair’s ScanTrak system guarantees up-to-the-minute updates on where your equipment is in our process.

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