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Guaranteed Telecommunications Equipment Repair

Our happy customers range from national telecom companies offering fiber optic services all the way to municipalities, utility location, and telecom infrastructure companies. Our reliability and experience in guaranteed equipment repair speak for themselves.

Rely on us for an efficient process and profitable bottom line.

Why Us?

We save you time.

Rely on us as an extension of your business to quickly, efficiently get broken equipment assessed and repaired. This involves as little downtime as possible so that your employees can get back in the field.

We save you money.

You need equipment that will work reliably, but the cost of replacing units can be exorbitant. Our repair pricing is fair, and the Digital Repair one year guarantee on all equipment repair provides you with the assurance you need at a fraction of the cost to buy new equipment.

We are proficient & adaptable.

Our team is able to repair equipment that other companies cannot or do not. We can even repair or replace custom manufacturing parts that are no longer available from original manufacturers.

Telecommunications Equipment Repair

Some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world rely on Digital Repair for dependable, guaranteed work to repair their digital detection and testing equipment. Our client list includes Verizon, Sprint, and many others.

Fiber Optic Equipment Repair

Whether your company offers fiber optic cable testing, installation, or FTTH infrastructure, we can ensure that your testing equipment is repaired using the best parts available by experienced professionals. Our technicians, our process, and our guarantee are second to none.

Central Office Equipment Repair

The integrity and uptime of your Central Office is the backbone of your network. Ensuring that all of your DSL, Cable, and Fiber Optic cards are operating perfectly and allowing 100% bandwidth is a big part of keeping thousands of your customers connected and happy. Our CO equipment repair is the best in the industry — our QA testing goes far beyond simple “green light” testing in a controlled lab. We repair and test CO cards in real-world scenarios by imitating distance degradation and using a variety of real scenario data types. We can ensure that the card or unit will work properly out in the field, passing 100% bandwidth from CO to CPE (customer premise equipment) and beyond.

Utility Location Equipment Repair

You rely on your equipment every day, and we know how important that is. Your cable locators, gas detectors, or loss testers need to work. We can save you time and money while still offering a solid guarantee on all repaired equipment

City, County, & State Municipal Utility Equipment Repair

Local or state government teams have to rely on a wide variety of equipment, from utility locators to gas detectors, and that equipment has to work flawlessly. Our repair process ensures that your equipment is returned clean, in perfect working order, guaranteed, and ready for the field. And at the end of the day, you’ve saved tax-payer money with our competitive pricing.

Underground Construction & Telecom Infrastructure Equipment Repair

Dependable equipment can make the difference between a successful job or a costly catastrophe. Before digging, your team must be able to trust that their gas detection and cable location equipment are reliable. That’s where we come in. Rely on us to save you money and provide peace of mind knowing that any equipment that you send to Digital Repair will arrive back in your hands cleaned, assessed, repaired, quality-checked, and guaranteed for one year.

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

Follow your equipment through our repair process, step by step, with live updates via your own customer portal.

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